Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Submitted By: JohnSubmitted: 4/2/2014
How's it working out up in Childress since 2003 moving from the Police Chief being elected by the People to now appointed by the Mayor or City Councel. Ya'll were believe last 1 of 5 towns in Texas that had it on City Election basis prior. This from Town North of Midland/Odessa with appointed Police Chief that's been in the position way to long and rubber stamped as to continuing in Position. Perhaps Petition to try to change to the position being on an Election by the citizens is in order and reverse what the majority of cities/towns are currently doing throughout the State.

Submitted By: Diana LaytonSubmitted: 12/17/2013
I just want to take this opportunity to let everyone know what a great coach we have at Childress Jr. High. My kids were involved in sports for many years and now my grandkids are playing. I have watched Coach Nix, coach the 7th and 8th grade boys in football and basketball. I have been so impressed by the fact, that winning or losing, Coach Nix, lets every boy on the team, play and not just a single play, but evenly distributed time. He may not have the most wins, but he sure is a winner to me. No boy, has to go home and feel bad, because he didn't get to play. THANK YOU COACH.

Submitted By: DeeSubmitted: 10/24/2013
The Childress Index ran an article on the upcoming mud run in the June 13, 2013 issue of the newspaper. The article gave this information: With water conservation a priority for Childress County residents, the mud pits will be created using reclaimed/recycled water or by purchasing and bringing water in from outside the Childress water district.

Submitted By: JuliaSubmitted: 10/12/2013
The mud run was held today at the ATV park near Childress. I wonder how much water was used to make those giant mud puddles. It seems odd that such a thing can be held when the rest of us are expected to conserve water.

Submitted By: Frances CoeSubmitted: 7/7/2013
I don't have a Rant or Rave, but I figured this would be the best way to get the info out that everyone has been asking me about. As most of you have heard, my granddaughter Baylee King has been in LeBonheurs children's hospital in Memphis TN for almost 3 weeks now. She is still in critical condition and still on the ventilator, and there has been no change in her condition. I just ask that you please take a few seconds of your time to please say a little prayer for her. I also would like to take the time to thank everyone for your kind words and your concern for her condition.

Submitted By: Jim SmithSubmitted: 6/29/2013
Wednesday night in Quanah, gas was $3.25 a gallon. Wal Mar here today is $3.56 a gallon. Can anyone explain why there is such a difference ? Amarillo said they were the highest a few weeks ago at $3.40 something. They should check with Childress !!!

Submitted By: Jim SmithSubmitted: 6/28/2013
Just wondering how much longer the light at 12th st. & 287 is gonna blink . Have seen so many near-miss wrecks there including myself. I just hope It doesn't take a fatal one before the light Is changed back !

Submitted By: Diana LaytonSubmitted: 6/21/2013
Everyone please say a special prayer for Bailey King. She is 5 yrs old and in very critical condition in a Memphis hospital. She has a lot of family here in Childress.

Submitted By: Lori CopeSubmitted: 2/28/2013
I still can't believe how people love to voice their opinion annonymously. I am very outspoken and you can take it or leave it, but I do know and believe that the Bobcats have the best fans in the world and the way I look at it, if you don't have a dog in the fight, then don't bash any of the Bobcats parents. Better yet why don't you just tell the parent how you feel about his behavior face to face. We are all adults here right?

Submitted By: anonymousSubmitted: 2/28/2013
My family and I attended the playoff game in Lubbock last night and were embarrassed for the Childress boys and fans as one of the parents got removed from the gym. I was an unbiased spectator and was appalled at his behavior. Maybe since he is such an expert at calling a game he should become a referee and let fans scream and yell at him.

Submitted By: David TaylorSubmitted: 12/25/2012
Merry Christmas Yall!!! May GOD bless each and every one of you!

Submitted By: 4 Way No WaySubmitted: 11/16/2012
I went downtown almost every day, until they install the 4 way stop signs. I don't go any more. Was the city council mad at down town business and want to shut them down? I talk to many and they also don't go down town because of the inconvience and danger of the signs. Many run the signs and you never know who is stopping. Mary.

Submitted By: David TaylorSubmitted: 11/6/2012

The downtown 4 ways are a pain. I already find myself avoiding going that way. I'm sure others are also. Therefore it will hurt downtown business. I sure was disappointed when I looked at the current issue of The Childress Index just prior to the election. I was looking to find a sample ballot, and a list of polling places. But maybe the thought was that the election was already over.

NOTE - A sample ballot ran in The Index on October 25 on page 19. A list of polling places ran on page 1 in the Nov. 1 edition.

Submitted By: Old FashionSubmitted: 11/1/2012
Gee! I can remember when Childress had a population over 10,000 and no stop signs downtown. But I also didn't have a driver's licenses then........

Submitted By: Old FashionSubmitted: 11/1/2012
Call me" Old Fashion" because I like to see current events in the Childress Index when I read it...not passed events that were last week(Local Happenings)also I don't care to read the same news article twice in the same paper(police/court events). Someone needs to proof read before publishing!

Submitted By: Ken DoshierSubmitted: 10/29/2012
I was very pleased to see "This Week in Texas History" back in this week's paper. I had been missing it and wondered what had happened.

Submitted By: Wise manSubmitted: 10/27/2012
I want to start out by saying what in the heck is the sherriffs department so fired up about mr. patel and his selling a capsule that contained marajuana wich i'm sure was a simple human error an honest mistake. in the real drug world and getting caught with weed its a misdemeanor depending the amount but he wasnt hidding it from anyone cause it is legal to sell in some states just not this one . my piont being there are people selling a drug 20 times as potent, its called meth i guess its not keeping the department on its toes.. or is it?

Submitted By: Hungry StudentSubmitted: 10/5/2012 I encourage all readers to view this article and watch the parody that these students put together. Also in regards to the actual number of students eating in the cafeteria, I believe they are a little inflated. I went to get my brother at the elementary and the only table eating school lunches just so happens to be the one you put in the paper, every other table (the other half of the cafeteria) had lunch boxes.

Submitted By: Submitted: 9/12/2012
Dear Rear Ended, I have an idea you were not at council meeting when they decided to put up stops signs.You claim the signs will stop business, were you aware that there are folks on council that have business downtown? Slowing down and stopping for a stop sign is not going to kill business downtown. When someone is stopped at one of the signs they might see a business they did not know was there.I bet you didnt know speed limit downtown is 20 mph. Dont have to slow down much to stop if doing the speed limit.

Submitted By: Rear EndedSubmitted: 8/29/2012
I can't believe the stop signs in Downtown Childress! Will someone please tell me what positive results are we looking for here. This will ultimately kill Downtown traffic/business. The logic of this action by the City Council completely escapes me!!

Submitted By: Mandy CablerSubmitted: 8/29/2012
For the record... I wasn't the only person who wanted to know why this had become a topic in the Jr. High. I simply asked what many people wanted to know. When it was brought to the attention of many other people they were the ones that got offended. It doesn't matter to me what the Booster Club gets together sales to make money for our children, weather is says Bobcats or Bob-Kittens I am gonna be supportive either way. It does bother me that someone would even want to think about changing the name. (BUT IT DID NOT) I didn't mean to offend anyone or point a finger at one particular person. The Coaches and all the teaching staff at Jr. High are an awesome group of people and I knew that there was more to the story, that is why I simply asked if this RUMOR was true. As you all have probably seen or herd it was a RUMOR.... so all I want to do is move forward at this point. Kitten Football starts up September 13 @ Childress and I hope that everyone can move past this point and support the FIGHTING CHILDRESS KITTENS!

Submitted By: Former Kitten/BobcatSubmitted: 8/29/2012
It saddens my heart that anyone would want to break a LONG STANDING TRADITION. It actually makes me feel like that those parents/and or kids are disrespecting me because they are not proud to be a KITTEN! You knew when you signed up to play sports or become a cheerleader what the MASCOT was going to be, and just becaue you didn't like it doesn't mean you can get your way and change it. Suck it up and be proud of such a great TRADITION and look forward to what you have in store for yourself in the future.

Submitted By: Lori CopeSubmitted: 8/29/2012
I am not going to "rant or rave" but simply comment on the fact that I am so glad Landon and Lauron Johnson and Jeff Rash used their own names and didn't hide behind some "annonymous" name like everybody else does on Rants and Raves. That's all. Hope everyone has a great day!

Submitted By: Lauron JohnsonSubmitted: 8/28/2012
As a former Kitten and Bobcat it saddens me to hear that parents are trying to change our Jr. High teams to Bobcats. I took pride in being a Kitten and absolutley took pride in being a Bobcat. That is one of the best things about going to High finally become a Bobcat. Of course nobody liked being called a Kitten when they were in Jr. High but we all sucked it up and wore our mascot proudly! We can't always give in to our children and what they want. That's part of what is wrong with the world today. We should set an example for our kids and teach them to be proud of what they are. I am so excited for my kids to become Kittens and later become a Bobcats.

Submitted By: Landon R. JohnsonSubmitted: 8/28/2012
It is hard for me to believe that a group of parents got together in a meeting and decided to break a long standing tradition. It has come to my attention that a group of Junior High parents got together and decided that they didn't want their kids being called kittens. They even went as far as to go ahead and order uniforms for the KITTENS that say BOBCATS on them. I was a Kitten and served my time and earned the right to be called a Bobcat as many others of others have before and after me. Being a Bobcat is not something you just get to be by going to school in Childress. You have to pay your dues and earn it. My son started Junior High this year and can't wait to play football next year. My son will be proud to be called a Kitten and hopefully will earn the right to be called a Bobcat. I am not for sure what is going on but it seems that a select few parents think that they can do whatever they want. I will protest this as hard as I can and I know many will stand behind me. I have no idea who the parents are that have made this decision but I hope that you will do some hard thinking about what you are doing. Especially those of you who are Bobcats!

Submitted By: Jeff RashSubmitted: 8/20/2012
blah blah blah same old childress.

Submitted By: Yay for City of Childress!Submitted: 8/6/2012
The City recently graded the alley behind my house. I love it when that happens! I park off my alley and having it graded makes it much nicer driving in and out. Big ol' huge thank you to the City!

Submitted By: Concerned Childress CitizenSubmitted: 8/3/2012
In regard to the article, “Garner Sentenced to 30 Years”. This article is a brief synopsis of what occurred, however it does not explicitly report the Childress Police arrested the female rape victim for a traffic warrant outside of Childress County and released a “dangerous person”, serial rapist, back into the local population to continue his criminal activities to vulnerable women. If the proper protocol had been followed the victim would have been immediately transported to the closest location for a rape test kit. The accused rapist would have been held until the victim was tested. The rape test result would have confirmed a rape occurred thus supporting the victim’s accusations. This would have legally allowed three actions: 1) the women/victim would have immediately received medical and psychological help for the criminal rape, 2) the now identified rapist (dangerous person) would “not” have been released back into the population to “con” others, and 3) there would have been adequate reason to arrest the rapist and hold this “dangerous person” until further investigation could have been completed. Childress has exceptional, caring, and qualified Police Officers however their activities, training, experience, and certification is under the control of the Chief of Police. If activities such as this, and others that have occurred, continue to happen, the Chief of Police needs to be held accountable. It is up to the Chief of Police to command his officers to follow standardized written protocols so everyone is treated the same regardless of race, gender, social economic status, reputation, where you live, etc.. The next time a criminal act occurs it may be against you, your family, your children, your neighbor, and other vulnerable people. Perhaps it is again time for the Childress Citizens to vote for and elect their Chief of Police so he/she is accountable to the Childress Community and not just to the City Manager (see previous Childress Index article on Chief of Police, Reece Bowen).

Submitted By: Joey 2kSubmitted: 8/1/2012
What are the results of the recent election? Is the Index going to report them? Thanks

Submitted By: AtvSubmitted: 7/31/2012
I am the person that rides the four-wheeler one of many i just wanted to say that i have got the law called on me many times and there is nothing that can be done I have asked and been told that i could ride in the city limits as long as i am in my own property. Yes i used to ride in the street when i did not know the regulations but now i know. I would appreciate it if yall would let me be and just enjoy myself . And by all means if you do not know the whole story or what happen about the arrest please stay out of it that is how these rants and raves get started its not like i go and peel out in peoples lawns or make donuts in your gravel im not stupid and i have way more respect than that so i would appreciate it if yall would stop crying about it and deal with it because there is nothing to be done or stopped as long as im doing right and what i was told. Thank you

Submitted By: Submitted: 7/20/2012
I was made aware of something I had not noticed before. During the parade on Old Settlers weekend the Sheriff goes before the US and Texas flag. The flags should always be at the head of the ,parade.This is disrespectful of the flags. Just because it has been that way does not make it right.I remember when the flags were greatly respected seems as americans we have lost that. Time to get it back.

Submitted By: frustratedSubmitted: 7/11/2012
I know the other day there were 4 young kids riding on the 4 wheeler at the same time. I heard there has been an arrest. Some one from the neighborhood who had rocks thrown on him and he went to chase the kids to see where he lived to talk to the parents and he was what else is going to have to happen before it is stopped !!

Submitted By: Matt BradleySubmitted: 7/10/2012
Has anyone else noticed how the tap water tastes kinda dirty? Its not just in the city either.

Submitted By: jimSubmitted: 7/10/2012
I'm with you , frustrated! I'm in the 900 block. I've called three times already . Ever how fast It goes Is what he rides It on avenue B . No helmets & not street legal . Probably will take an accident before anything Is done!!!

Submitted By: frustratedSubmitted: 7/10/2012
Whats it going to take for the police to finally do something about the kid riding the 4 wheeler around ave A & B NW? Is someone going to have to be hurt? How many more calls need to be made before something is done?

Submitted By: NevaSubmitted: 7/3/2012
I would like to know if the City or County is responsible for upkeep on the cemetery. I go to the cemetery every week and the present condition leaves something to be desired. Most of the cemetery has been mowed, but the grave sites themselves are overgrown with grass and weeds, and the goat head stickers have taken over everything which makes it impossible to kneel at a loved one’s resting place. I’m no gardener but surely there is a chemical available that would kill the goat heads. You can measure a community by how it respects its dead. Let’s show our civic pride with proper upkeep of our cemetery.

Submitted By: A Loyal FollowerSubmitted: 6/21/2012

I miss seeing the Rants and Raves column in the Index. Is there any chance it will make a return? Thank you.


Response: We miss it as well, but our policy is all letters to the editor need to be signed. Please feel free to write us any time you like and thank you for reading!

Submitted By: Concerned CitizenSubmitted: 6/20/2012

Is anything going to be reported on all the confusion and shenanigans that happened at the courthouse during the election? From all the bungling and rushing, there were people who lost their jobs, people lost their office, and people lost the election. Seems like when just a couple people are allowed to count votes and monitor the election, while the voting public is locked out, then dirty things start happening.


Response: The count was correct. The Index had representation in the room while the votes were being counted.

Submitted By: Confused about H20 Tier SystemSubmitted: 6/12/2012
In the May 24th edition of the Index, it was reported that the City is considering going to a tiered pricing system for city water. Here's what confuses me: how do they know how much water I'm using when they never read my meter? Every time I want to turn off my water or read my own meter, I have to cut away grass and clean out a ton of dirt and debris, then wet and wipe off the glass just to see the meter - and I do mean every time.

Submitted By: Ryan RodriguezSubmitted: 6/11/2012
I wish people would put their real name(First & Last) in the Submitted By. That way some real rants would get started. #819 #Sternshow

Submitted By: Chink in the armorSubmitted: 6/5/2012
As a person who knows alot about alot, all of you have gaping holes in your comments, that I will proceed to close for you. First, Pit Bull****, your comments are so insane, I fear for my safety should the state ever drop the ball and issue you a drivers license. Second, Carl, who are you to raise people's taxes because you want a pit bull? Third, Lonnie, why are you okay with inbreeding? That's abuse. Fourth, Amanda, “liberties” for and “prejudice” against pit bulls? One thought, THEY ARENT HUMAN! Fifth, Denise, I agree that Lonnie should quit inbreeding, but once the dogs are here, I don't believe its appropriate to poke fun at their abnormalities, nor demand someone "put your dog down". Your rights end where anothers begin, so back off. Thanks for letting me set the record straight from the ridiculous path it was headed. And is there ANYTHING else people want to talk about other than killer pit bulls? Please? Just saying…

Submitted By: DeniseSubmitted: 6/4/2012
I have a couple things I’d like to address. First of all, Carl and Lonnie, you have good points about spaying and neutering and City approved kennel facilities, otherwise there would be nothing but inbred dogs running around. Unkept inbreeds are undesirable as a companion because they usually have poor teeth, misaligned eyes, and because of their unpredictable temperament, they will wreck any home you allow them in. Secondly, Pit Bull****, you are very irresponsible for allowing your family to remain at risk after having been bitten by your dog. Your dog shows signs of aggression due to inbreeding. As a responsible parent, you should put your dog down and purchase (or rescue) a dog from an approved kennel.

Submitted By: AmandaSubmitted: 6/4/2012
Carl is right that this whole thing is about rights, but it’s also about animal rights. Animals have feelings and know when they’re being deprived of their basic liberties. Animals are meant to be free and it breaks my heart to see these beautiful Pit Bulls on chains and cables. Any person who would pass a city ordinance requiring Pit Bulls be restrained by a chain or fence should be removed from office! When Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, he gave freedom to ALL sentient animals. Don’t think I haven’t noticed when parents call their children inside when I walk my Pit down the sidewalk! I pray for the day when this painful prejudice against Pit Bulls ends!

Submitted By: LonnieSubmitted: 6/2/2012
Some of these statements are very ignorant. We rescue pit bulls and Carl is right. We have a privacy fence and have our dogs spayed/neutered. We also live on the edge of town where not as many people live, so less risk if they break out. Its hurtful for me to read people exaggerating and lying about a loving companion that has seen me through tough times in my life. Our pit bulls have never bit us, growled at us, or shown any aggression, and they certainly haven't walked out on me. Guess you'd have to walk a mile in a responsible pit owners' shoes, who knows their love doesn't stop when others do.

Submitted By: CarlSubmitted: 6/1/2012
The central issue is rights. I have a pit bull and I will admit they are a breed of dogs that were bred for the purpose of fighting, but you never can tell what will set off a dog of any breed to bite. I’ll also admit that Pit Bulls do extensive damage when they attack, more so than a smaller breed dog, like a Chihuahua. Pit Bulls need to be kept away from the public but so do all dogs. Dog owners have the right to own dogs but the public also has a right not to be endangered by dogs. As a Pit Bull owner and longtime dog lover, here are some common sense regulations that the city could adopt to take care of dog attacks: 1) No chain link fences around your yard perimeter. Dogs are territorial and chain link fences allow them to see people walking down the street or alley. A solid privacy fence at least 6 feet tall with a concrete footing would cure this problem and keep dogs from climbing or digging out. 2) Mandatory spaying/neutering of dogs that are not part of a city-approved breeding kennel. Dogs that aren’t sexually active are more docile. 3) Mandatory microchip identification for dogs and stiffer penalties for loose dogs. Charge by the pound for dogs on the loose. Bigger dogs are more dangerous therefore their owners should pay higher fines. I urge the city to review these proposals. It would protect countless dogs and children and the newly constructed fences would allow taxing entities to charge more property taxes so we can build a dog park. Thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion.

Submitted By: Submitted: 5/28/2012
Wow, only bit your wife and son ONCE?!? Sorry but once is too many times!!!

Submitted By: Submitted: 5/27/2012
Pit Bull**** Your statement was "we raise our pits to not bite" Gee, and he's only bitten your child and your wife once? HELLO!!

Submitted By: Safety FirstSubmitted: 5/26/2012
I personally think anyone that owns a Pit Bull and has children should be turned in to Child Protective Services for child endangerment.

Submitted By: Pit Bull****Submitted: 5/24/2012
Who gives out these 55% numbers? Really? My family has had a pit bull as a pet for over 10 years and he's only bit my wife and son once. But, it wasn't his fault, my boy was messing with him and he was just protecting himself when my wife tried to pull him back. He hasn't bit me, cause we raise our pits to not bite. Just like Mike pointed out, Pits are great guard dogs, but you have to be a professional handler. Where are all the stories about Pit bulls saving lives? Pit bulls kill and maul more bad people than not, so if you have a problem with the breed, that should tell you something. Believe that.

Submitted By: Submitted: 5/24/2012
It has happened again. A family pet pit bull has mauled and killed a 3 day old baby in Ohio. Why don't people who own pitt bulls realize that these dogs will turn vicious for no reason and at any given time. They are not meant to be pets. Mike has given you an accurate history on Pitts and how they were bred. They may be sweet and loving pets for many years and then just attack a family member or stranger without any indication. They are not being given a bum rap. They are responsible for over 55% of all deaths caused by dogs in the last 3 years. When you figure how many dog breeds there are and Pitts contribute that large amount then people need to take notice. They are not good pets.

Submitted By: MikeSubmitted: 5/24/2012
Dear Pit Owner, Thank you for suggesting research on Pit Bulls. Turns out, the pit breed dates back to the Roman Empire. From the years 50 AD to 410 AD, the breed was widely disseminated throughout the Roman Empire for use as fighting dogs. Pit bulls accompanied soldiers to war in efforts to intimidate and attack enemy soldiers in hand-to-hand combat. Through the rest of history, pits have been renowned for their aggressiveness and focus. They are called “Pit Bulls” because they have been bred for fighting in pits. There's a reason they're not called “Family Bulls”. Many breeds of dogs will bite, but anyone that knows anything about pits will tell you, pit bulls don’t stop with one bite. They maul. As champion racing horses are bred for superior speed and stamina, pits have been bred for their fighting (and killing) abilities. It’s a simple reality. A Sports Illustrated cover did not ‘create a myth’ of pits being ferocious dogs. If anything, Sports Illustrated did a public service by reminding this country to the realities of this dangerous and unpredictable breed. Michael Vick wasn’t thrown in jail for fighting cats...

Submitted By: pit ownerSubmitted: 5/23/2012
This article is for all of the people that think pits were breed to kill, you should really do some research before opening your mouth about something you know nothing about, lets face it people dont like pit bulls simply because of their names, if they were ever around a well behaived disiplined pit, then you would know your thoughts about them are not true the ordinence should not state that it is for all pets if it is in reality only for pits Killer Dog Myth By the 1980s, the companion history of the pit bull was forgotten, and the myth of the dangerous fighting dog took hold. It is uncertain exactly why this decade saw the pit bull suddenly rise to a new, less pleasant sort of fame, but many trace the entire trend to a single, ultra-sensationalistic Sports Illustrated cover article. Whatever the reasons for the sudden infamy, the unwanted publicity not only caused problems for the vast majority of well-behaved pits, but actually encouraged unscrupulous individuals to deliberately purchase and breed pit bulls and similar looking dogs for nefarious purposes.

Submitted By: Exactly RightSubmitted: 5/22/2012
I've been following this back and forth about the pit-bull incident since it happened and have had that 'slap to the forehead' moment several times toward the parties in support of pit bulls. I just couldn’t believe the idiotic logic behind some these people, and have on several occasions wanted to comment (even tried) but ended up keeping my mouth shut because I couldn’t figure out how to word my response in a way (similar to explaining something to a child ) so they could understand. I could never get my words right. But the comment Submitted By: Lost my Thought had it right and said it perfect! I am glad there are others that share my opinion that the city police provided their service by protecting others in that incident. Thankyou ‘Lost my Thought’ for not letting the previous comments by ‘Just a Thought’ get the last word and putting in a way I wish I came up with it myself.

Submitted By: Lost my ThoughtSubmitted: 5/17/2012
I've never heard of chihuahuas or cats mauling people to death. Pit bulls do. And comparing protecting human life to cat scratches on your car? That logic (or lack thereof) is the same as a kid throwing his sucker in the dirt when he's told he's already had too many, "But i want it! I want it!". Just say, as a parent, you're okay with exposing your kid to the risks of a pit bull and are willing to ignore all the evidence of danger, because "I want it! I want it!". But, don't try to justify it by attempting to compare the dangers of pit bulls to chihuahuas. Why not make the same argument by saying that you leave a loaded cap gun and loaded 45 pistol (regardless of the breed, to use your words) for your kids to play with? The most the cap gun can do is make noise and scare you if someone fires it unexpectedly, but the 45 can kill you. Same difference. Pit Bulls can and do kill, Chihuahuas can't. The city police did Childress a favor by taking 2 loaded weapons off the street a few weeks back, but it takes a mature person to appreciate the value of safety above self.

Submitted By: Just a ThoughtSubmitted: 5/11/2012
Just a thought about the recent comments on pit bulls. We have a pit bull as a family pet and he is very well behaved. We raised him in a loving and disciplined environment, just as we have our children. Because we have raised him this way and have shown him correction from the time he was a small puppy, I have no concern what-so-ever for the safety of my family. I have been bitten 3 times by chihuahuas who were pets in friends homes. I have a friend who has to lock her chihuahua in a room when they have company because she will bite. I have NEVER had to lock my pit bull up when friends came over to our house. Chihuahuas are not big enough to maul anyone, but they are very aggressive and will attack. Does that mean we need to start an anti-chihuahua campaign? Absolutely not. Some people even let their chihuahuas run free in their yard and I avoid walking down those streets when I go for an evening walk. I do so because I do not want to be bitten by the dog. I try to avoid all streets were dogs are roaming. Regardless of the breed of dog. If we have a city ordinance that states no animal shall be allowed to roam free by their owner, this should apply to all animals. Cats, by nature are roamers. There are several cats in our neighborhood who make it a point to stop in our front flower bed and "do their business". I've even had cats jump on my new car and leave scratches all over the hood because they were allowed to roam free. Should the owners of those cats be held liable for the damages to my car? This is all about responsibility and pointing the finger of blame to one particular breed of animal is not going to change what happened. If you are an animal owner, you owe it to your pet to be responsible and care for them as you would your child. Just a thought. I

Submitted By:  Submitted: 5/11/2012
New Mexico Toddler mauled by family pet. This was a headline in a New Mexico paper on May 9th, 2012. Guess what kind of dog it was. PIT BULL. I know that people become very attached to their family pet. I have dogs myself. However a Pit Bull should never be a family pet. Although many people do not breed their dogs to be aggressive, Pit Bulls are naturally aggressive and no one knows when they will turn. Over 55% of all deaths caused by dogs are caused by the family pet, Pit Bull. When you make a Pit Bull your family pet, you are risking the lives of not only your family members but your neighbors, and if you choose to have a Pit Bull in your home then it is your responsibility to make sure those dogs can never get to anyone else. The police officers, did the right thing. Like it or not, Pit Bulls are not good family pets and when they run free, they need to be handled as necessary.

Submitted By: Sleepless in SoutheastSubmitted: 5/4/2012
I have a little rant about a neighbor's rooster. If the rooster would crow (or whatever it does) at dawn like it's supposed to, then I wouldn't have any complaints. But this one crows constantly. I mean from the wee small hours of the night to late in the evening the following day. Every single day without fail. This has been going on for at least a month now. I'm just wondering if anyone else in our part of town is as annoyed as I am, and why would anyone have a rooster in town in the first place? It's frustrating because I don't know that neighbor, so I don't know how he would react if I said something. All I know is, I haven't slept a full night since that rooster came to town. (yawn)

Submitted By: Submitted: 5/3/2012
I would just like to say, shouldnt the city ordinance that states no ANIMAL should be aloud by their owner to run free apply to all ANIMALS? Not just dogs that people dont like. I am a pit bull owner and I know for a fact that not all pits are bread to kill, in fact one of the pits that was SHOT I know for a fact was not bread to kill becasue it was one of my puppies. People in this world have given these dogs such a bad name and if the ones that are so deathly afraid of then and put then down all the time would be around one for a while then they would see that they are not all vicious. If this would have been any other breed of dog they would not have been shot like that. If the city ordinance states that no animal should be loose then that should apply to all animals dog, or cat so why didnt the owners of the cat get a citation as well? I am sure there is an excuse for that though. It is unfortunate what happened to the cat, but acident do happen sometimes, sometimes dogs just get out of there fence, my son acidently let mine get out the other day when he was feeding then so I believe there was absolutly no reason for death of the dogs, and a citation.

Submitted By: animal loving neighborSubmitted: 5/2/2012
I've seen quite a bit on facebook the past couple of days about a regrettable incident that happened the other day in my neighborhood. Two dogs escaped their yard while their owners were away. They ran a few blocks away, chased my neighbor's cat out of her yard under a car next door. They eventually got the cat out and tore it to pieces. The lady living in that house tried unsuccessfully to beat the dogs away with a broom. Neighbors called the police, and as the dogs could not be subdued, they were put down. Two things jump to mind: the little, frail, old lady with the broom could have been attacked, and there are numerous small children in the neighborhood, 2 of which are grandchildren of the cat owner - they could have been attacked as well, had they attempted to save the kitty they loved. Three well-loved pets died that day. That's a very sad thing. The lesson here is that pet owners in town should maintain control of their animals, whether it's cats or dogs. Neither should be allowed - nor should it be legal - to roam freely. We don't live in the country.

Submitted By: weather manSubmitted: 4/22/2012
This town seems shutting down business wise.

Submitted By: Job Posted??Submitted: 4/19/2012
The job was NOT posted, so YES it is fishy that the secretary's (who would have knowledge of the position availability) father is now holding that position. I am sure he is very capable and has 'strengths' but to state he was the 'best person for the job' is a little far fetched. How would it be known he was the best candidate if the position wasn't open/posted to the public. It isn't as cut and dry and "Nothing more, nothing less" and I HOPE the office of the City Manager doesn't view all matters that way. Tisk Tisk

Submitted By: sSubmitted: 4/18/2012
Just a big FYI, Judge Coe put in a two weeks notice because she was moving out of town for personal reasons. She was greatly appreciated by her peers and her bosses. It was very sad that Judge Coe had to leave, but the position was filled with a very capable person. Judge Reed was not hired because he is the father of Mr. Tucker's secretary. He was hired because of his strengths & capabilities and was the best person for the job. Nothing more, nothing less. Please don't speak of things you know nothing about. Let's stick to the FACTS. Thank you.

Submitted By: MissySubmitted: 4/13/2012
(For starters, jd m's comment does not even make sense!!) A huge Kudos to you, Mr Chris Blackburn, for your "Paperboy" article in the April 12th issue. I back you and agree 100% with what you said. You are correct!!! People need to think about what consequence their actions may have and think about how it can affect others if found out, including spouses and children. And if friends and family are offended by their loved ones picture in the paper in a negative light, then they need to talk to that person, not the messenger! Way to go Chris!!

Submitted By: jd mSubmitted: 4/9/2012
i dont get you people.. i lived their I know for a fact you had crooked people in alot of different offices I know for a fact you had friends of those people mis useing it for their own gain ...but you have alot going for you try woring in -20 or worse,send your kids to schools that have no ac and rearly have a cop outside the schools at anytime unless of oh our norn bomb threats, tornados,stupid parents useing their kids against the other parent,drug deals outside the parks where your grandchildren play.I could go on but find some things put on the net useless. look around you and see what you have our town is about 5000 includeing farmers but its ours and we dont rag on it to the world in print. i live here for my child i do what i need to do to keep them home town is way over 100,ooo and id be happy to be in Real Hell to be with my family... Childress has always pretened to be a home town place to live so look close at what you people are b+++++++ about. by the way we have more closed business in our than opened and our big nigth out is micky'ds or wendys unless you drive 30 miles either way... write something that would make people want to come and stay.

Submitted By: fast food eaterSubmitted: 4/5/2012
After reading your article in today's paper.."Closure hurting downtown businesses" got me thinking that you(the only legitimate news source in Childress) have not announced that our tax receiving school district has decided that it will make the High School a closed campus for lunch "mandatory for all high school students to eat on campus in the cafeteria" I would think that our school district would have had a town meeting or at least asked our local restaurants what would be the economic impact of closing the high school campus. A major decision that will affect all of our local business that the kids visit and spend money on their lunch hour, which in turn goes back to CISD through taxes. I might be a little more understanding if they stated it was for safety issues, but to state that the school is losing to much money because our kids are not eating on campus??? What about the money that small local owned business are going to lose and how many doors will shut in this town if they don't receive that daily lunch crowd? I really wish our school district wouldn't be so closed doored or a secret little society and include the community in what is going on with our 2nd biggest employer in the area??? There are more than the same handful of people (you know who they are) in this town that might be able to give some insight, and maybe do it because it's the right thing to do, not do it just to get their name in the spotlight!!!!! oops probably won't get this published because I hurt somebody's feelings...

Submitted By: CPD FANSubmitted: 4/2/2012
I have to agree ...most of the CP Officers work really hard, and do care for our community....although sometimes when we get a good one he/they become frustrated from lack of support and back up. After all this is their community too. Just like the former Judge Coe. She was doing a really good job and collecting money. But she had very little support from some of the " city officials". People in Childress have gotten away with not paying their fines for far to long.....I should correct myself...SOME people not all. This is the only place I know where you can owe thousands of dollars in traffic fines and still be free. And doesn't it seem a little odd that the new city Judge is Brian Tuckers secretarys dad...just goes to show its not what you know its who you know ........

Submitted By: Support most of CPDSubmitted: 4/2/2012
To Concerned Parent, If you are saying you haven't seen a police officer in the school zone of 287 while this construction has been taking place "at all" you are wrong. I can say that with confidence because I have to drive past that intersection every day to pick up my children too and OFTEN see police patrolling the school zone and on several occasions have seen traffic stops because of speeders. What you have to keep in mind is that police officers are NOT crossing guards. For you to even question whether the CPD cares about the safety of our children or community is ridiculous because of course they do! If you are so worried why don’t you get yourself a bright orange vest and stand out there to escort kids across the street, yeah that’s what I thought, you want to talk and blame others but not act! I don’t know about you but in my office, all my boss does is sit in his office TOO and that’s if he is even there, I guess that is what the perks are for being the boss right? Additionally, I would like to state that I am a proud supporter of law enforcement. We DO have peace officers on our force that really do WORK HARD and CARE about our community even though people like you "Concerned Parent" lump all of the CPD together like they don’t ever do anything, when I know they do.

Submitted By: Concerned ParentSubmitted: 4/2/2012
I would like to thank the Childress Police Department for being at the intersection of 287 and Commerce to help our Junior High students cross the highway during this time of construction. Oh Wait...They haven't been there at all! Does our police force not care about the safety of our children? The Chief is always in his office, he is never out patrolling. Why can't he get out and go do it? Thanks, CPD!

Submitted By: JanSubmitted: 3/16/2012
This in regard to the warrant roundup that was held here the 25th of Feb. Mr. Pepper Reid was not in office at that time, but Frances Coe was. In the past year and 1/2 she took in nearly a $100,000.00 for the City of Childress and this is the thanks she gets. You don't have to believe me ask to see the bank deposits for the last 1 1/2.... That's Childress for you.

Submitted By: Will SmithSubmitted: 3/13/2012
BS, the failure to deal with the subject matter in your response, is about Par for the course.

Submitted By: BILL SMITHSubmitted: 3/6/2012

Submitted By: prostrated&squeezingSubmitted: 3/1/2012
Do they not sell personal heaters at Lotts or WalMart? Freezing is defined as below 32 degrees, not 68 degrees. This has been the most mild winter in anyone's memory, and has only been "freezing", what, twice this year? Heat isn't the top priority, appropriating taxpayer's funds for the service its intended for is. Was a repairman not hired twice to repair the boiler? A new boiler will cost $50,000, so decisions like that aren't made overnight, especially when adequate alternatives are available. I guess the county should have to pay the field hands doctor and pharmacy bills, since they actually work outside in the elements. Doesn't the county have health insurance? And comparing yourself to inmates? Really? Inmates are there by instruction of the state, employees are there by your choice. If the inmates didn't have heat, would your situation be any more tenable? Whatever happened to taking charge of your situation? Guess its easier to anonymously blast people, than confront the powers that be. In those situations, where you have your finger pointed at others, you got 4 pointed back at you, or something like that. Don't believe anyone enjoys others being uncomfortable, but there's better ways of dealing with it.

Submitted By: stephen burnsSubmitted: 2/22/2012
Thank you Childress for the veterans memorial ! It is such an honor the share the memorial with my fellow Nam vets and my dad [Monroe Burns]. thanks to you all !! Stephen Burns

Submitted By: frustrated&freezingSubmitted: 2/20/2012
I think it's very sad that all the employees who work in the courthouse are having to work in the cold all winter long with no heat in the building. I think it's even worse that the county commissioners voted last week in commissioners court to make them wait yet another year to replace the boiler that is NOT working in the courthouse. I guess heat is not on the top of their priority list since their offices are not in the courthouse. I don't see how they expect county employees to work in freezing cold offices all winter long. Heck even inmates in prison get heat and a/c. I wonder if the county is going to pay all the doctor and pharmacy bills for all of the employees who are getting sick from having to work with no heat?

Submitted By: BILL SMITHSubmitted: 2/13/2012

Submitted By: JDSubmitted: 2/9/2012
My newspaper was soaked when I got home today. I suppose I'd rather have a wet newspaper than a drought, but I'm pretty sure weather forecasts are free from several sources.

Submitted By: Bobcat fanSubmitted: 1/27/2012
Congrats to the Cats, beet the falcons and their refs

Submitted By: Mother of straight A studentsSubmitted: 1/20/2012
What is with the CISD and holidays? Do they just make up their own holidays and mask them as Cscope days? Or did I miss the day that I was suppose to vote on school off/ half days? My biggest bone is MLK Jr. Day. Isn't he enough of an American hero to give the kids a day off, at least a Cscope day. Its not like CISD is making up a holiday, the federal government already declared MLK JR. birthday as a holiday. For goodness sake, MLK Jr. gave the constitution, the pilar of our nation, meaning to ALL Americans. But we get a Cscope day for Columbus day (and we all know his story). I don't know if we should even classify him as an American hero. If he were an athlete he'd be on some kind of blunder tape, to be laughed at for all times. Its not just MLK JR. day, it was also New Year day. The kids go to school, while the rest of the city rest from hangovers. Then what happens at the end of the week when all parents return back to work, half a day Cscope day. I don't know about the rest of Childress, but I can't afford to take off or pay for babysitters everytime the school wants to close. Its seems to me that it would better for the children to stay home with their families, when their parents are off of work for holidays, and let the teachers go to school on holidays for half day Cscope days. Let the teachers' and administrators' kids go to school if they feel its important to have kids in school on a federally deemed holiday. I don't drink enough to need a day off for New Year to rest, but the government made the day a holiday and it would be nice to have my kids home with me. But, I do have enough reverence for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to celebrate his day by keeping my children home with me and going to MLK Jr. activities, watch movies and read books on American history. Then reflect with my children on how thankful we ought to be to have someone as brave as MLK JR. to die, not just for black Americans, but for the oringinal dream of our American forefathers; to have liberty and justice for ALL (as stated in the pledge my children as well as your children recite daily). My children are basically straight A students (my oldest made his first B last 6 wks) and they also have perfect attendance every quarter except for the 6wks. that contain MLK Jr. Day and they only miss that one day. I dont think it is fair that students should be counted absent on a federal holiday. But, what can I do? I'm sure its not enough young, black women on the school board to have my back on this situation, so...... CISD will not be getting my kids' attendance money on MLK JR. day and I'm seriously considering not letting them go to school on half day random Cscope days neither. Maybe if CISD looses enough money then maybe we under (more like non)- represented parents can actually have a say in our children's education.

Submitted By: Josh JohnsonSubmitted: 12/6/2011

Dear Editor,

I am writing about an issue that concerns me. This issue is with the world famous Well, not with the site itself, but its users. Twice we have had family members prematurely notified of the passing of a relative because somebody posted it on Facebook. I feel I shouldn’t have to explain myself because a majority of Facebook users have already considered and understand the sensitivity of this matter. However, it is apparent that there are some users out there whom haven’t achieved this higher level of consideration and understanding. Therefore, I feel I must follow through with a short explanation in order to enlighten them. Facebook should NEVER be used as a forum to report news pertaining to other people’s lives. It should only be used to share correspondence, events, dates...etc, between themselves and their friends. Reporting about somebody else without their permission and/or request should never be deemed a good idea. I feel when someone has done this they have left an area of good intentions and entered one of gossip. Although the act is not intended to be malicious, it doesn’t mean that damage hasn’t been done. You need to consider we live in a litigious society and these good intentions could leave you civilly liable. So going ahead, please leave the reporting and dissemination to the professionals. I realize that as much time as people spend on Facebook, they could be considered professionals. However, in cases such as this, let’s leave it to the newspaper, radio and funeral home. One more thing. This letter is not pointed at any certain person. I don’t even know if they live in Childress. The offended families have never told me any names. They simply said that it happened. So, if I have offended anybody with this letter then they should take this time to self-reflect. You just might find yourself guilty.

Your Disgruntled Funeral Director

Joshua Johnson

Submitted By: unsettledSubmitted: 12/4/2011
Hello the election !!!!! Four more years,,,,,,

Submitted By: Jayne AlbrittonSubmitted: 11/22/2011
I would like to Thank the Childress Women's League for the nice basket of snacks they brought to the Election Workers for the November 8th Election. It really is thoughtful & all the workers really enjoy it. So on behalf of myself & the workers, "Thank You" very much! Jayne Albritton

Submitted By: Website administratorSubmitted: 11/17/2011
Unfortunately, we have had an issue with our server that has made previous posts unavailable at this time. We are working to get this issue resolved and apologize for the inconvenience.

Submitted By: Concerned for safetySubmitted: 6/11/2011
What is going on with our dispatchers? On several occasions when a wreck occurs they automatically dispatch the police and ambulance, but they ask about if they need to dispatch the fire department? I thought it was a law that the fire department was to be called out on all wrecks no matter how minor because you never know if the car might have a gas leak. My question this the dispatcher's call or the sheriff's call? This could lead to a big lawsuit for the county since they handle all the dispatching!

Submitted By: Angry citizinSubmitted: 6/10/2011
Well Del Morgan, it seems that some people are quick to judge by reading something in the paper and NOT knowing the facts to what truely happened. Not you or me were there when these officers did their investigation. Some people,"Dal", need to worry about cleaning their own house instead of worring about others, and the way I see it you have a choice, you can move out of Childress if your not happy............

Submitted By: dave grimingerSubmitted: 6/7/2011
Have to agree with Del,its sad that a few people are creating such a negitive image of Childress. Really hope some changes will occur because of all this.

Submitted By: Del MorganSubmitted: 6/1/2011
What's going on with the Childress City Hall? A few months ago we had a judge taking money now we've got the Childress PD letting a serial rapist go free and arresting the victim? Looks like it's time to clean house.

Submitted By: Casey & CricketSubmitted: 6/1/2011
Both of us would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to Dee Derr and The Childress Index for publishing the story of our new business. Dee is a very patient and pleasant woman, and we certainly appreciated that and the effort and time she put into the story. We very much appreciate it.

Submitted By: GenniferSubmitted: 5/31/2011
Has the Boy Scouts run out of flags for Memorial Day? I'm just wondering because there are veterans that are not getting their graves marked!

Submitted By: cell phone appSubmitted: 5/27/2011
Vera.. the new phones today have the capability to input another person's phone number and have it show up on the caller ID. You can download the application from your device and input any # or change your voice to non-recognition so you can prank call people. Technology is great for many things but along with the good there is the bad. Sorry for your misfortune

Submitted By: VeraSubmitted: 5/25/2011
Would you please investigate the stolen phone numbers in town? I keep getting calls and it showed my daughter's number on the caller I.D. but it's some man saying I was calling him and he was very rude. I called the number back and got my daughter so someone has stolen into her line and is calling from her number. Please look at this in case other people are having their numbers stolen.

Submitted By: CaseySubmitted: 4/29/2011
Just would like to say Thanks for putting my dad's name in the paper for "Home of Vernon Moore!" He was surprised!!! It made his dad and our family.

Submitted By: meSubmitted: 4/28/2011

Why in the sports page are their pics of 'the best of bobcats?" no track pictures for regionals, no baseball pictures of the games & noticed how there were no right up about the baseball games? never saw the scores from Tulia game(s) ???? Is this all because no one gets out takes pictures anymore? could be. oh, the pictures of our youth at Elementary programs or family members of the people that work for the index...shouldn't have pictures for all grades & programs? mmmmm still not impressed w/the index.


Index Reply:

Track Regional Meet has not been held and there was no qualifying or practice meet. We had complete coverage of the District Meet and will do the same for the Regional Meet. The baseball team has not played since the last edition.

Regarding the photos of the children of Index employees, Childress Elementary personnel selected the participants for the Arbor Day celebration.

Although ill-informed, we do appreciate your feedback and welcome the critique.


Submitted By: LoriSubmitted: 4/28/2011
I find it quite interesting that people complaining about our law enforcement remain annonymous..very interesting..could these people BE the trouble makers???

Submitted By: Glenna GarciaSubmitted: 4/27/2011
Wow, talk about unkind remarks! I think someone needs more facts about the Police Department and what goes on there. And for the sidekick Lt. I rather like him.

Submitted By: concernedSubmitted: 4/27/2011
I have read numerous remarks, most of them unkind toward our Sheriffs Department and I am just wondering when someone is going to wake up to the fact, that we only have a part time Police Department. If you have a problem during a police officers lunch break you are in real trouble, because they will not go to the call. Our fine Police Chief and his sidekick Lt. sure are not going on any calls. This town is virtually unprotected by the city if the officer on duty is at lunch. It is time the City council runs off the Chief and his sidekick and put someone in charge who will supervise the officers.!

Submitted By: Jason BotosSubmitted: 4/27/2011
Wanted to say thank you to Rice Nippert, Jerry Smoot and Jeff Watson for volunteering their time and effort, helping get lights in the hitting area of the baseball field. This will significantly cut down on expenses and not make the NW area of town so bright, when some of our youth are staying out of trouble and getting better at something that they represent Childress in.

Submitted By: Jane MossSubmitted: 4/26/2011
Many thanks to The Childress Index, especially Dee, for the awesome article on Moss Firearms and Red River Taxidermy. Dee did an outstanding job with the interview, very professional. In fact, we would not have changed one word in the article. Thank you so much for showing interest in our local businesses. We have truly been blessed beyond measure and the support of the local people and those from the surrounding area has been more than we could have ever hoped for. Please keep coming with more of the local them !!!

Submitted By: Lisa CampbellSubmitted: 4/5/2011
Treehugger, the picture was taken by me! The girls had spent all day out playing in a tournament and was just having a little fun!! Didn't know that having fun was something that would reflect poorly on the school! Why don't you try getting out and supporting our programs and taking a few pictures of your own to promote the programs that so many of our youth are involved in!!

Submitted By: treehuggerSubmitted: 3/29/2011
Just wanted to say I thought the picture in The Index on 3/24 of the Lady Cat softball team was in poor taste. Didn't say who the photographer was. The coach should not have allowed it. It reflects poorly on the school.

Submitted By: JDSubmitted: 3/12/2011
How about something positive! For the last few months, the Index has been arriving in two sections. So reading a story on the front page that was continued on another page made you have to close one section and pick up the other one to finish the story. I know it's a small thing, but that really bothered me. This week, the Index arrived all in one section, and I liked that so much better! To me, it was easier to read - especially if there were any continuations. Kudos on that! On another note, I also like getting the paper only once a week. As long as the website stays up to date with breaking news, the one paper a week thing is great for me! I really appreciated the midweek updates on Facebook, too. Keep up the good work!

Submitted By: Kelly FranklinSubmitted: 3/6/2011
There was a comment from my daughter printed this week about a man going around town with a crowbar that was trying to get in her back door. I would just like to say that she did make what I consider an offical report to the police. Thank the Lord that she is alright! I would like to say that I've had many people inquire how she is and she is doing the best she can but still frightened of what happened. I know firearm sales have gone up with good cause over something that we should not have to worry about in our town. I've heard several other similar stories. Thank you all for your prayers. Please help us all to get this person or persons.

Submitted By: Tim MeltonSubmitted: 3/4/2011

Submitted By: KristiSubmitted: 2/26/2011
Kudos to the Moss family of Moss Firearms. They provide a wonderful educational service for our area. Their professionalism is quite impressive. I would like to express my gratitude to John, Jane, Jimmy & Marika for doing an outstanding job!

Submitted By: KrisSubmitted: 2/19/2011
I am excited to see that the Childress County Sheriffs Office actually went out and made an arrest. It is big news and needed to be put on the front page of the paper. I hope this continues to where they can actually put something in the sheriff’s report other than showing that they went to another jail and picked up an inmate and brought them back to Childress and count it as an arrest. But if you don’t do anything then I guess that’s all you have is to put in the paper is what your jailers did. I think the Childress Police Department needs to start putting pictures of the people they arrest and an article about each one.

Submitted By: disspicable meSubmitted: 2/12/2011

Very frustrated over the one issue a week. People like to the know the news ahead of time not at the end of the week. Just for planning purposes if there was something going on in town, they wouldn't know about it till the end of the week. Also, no one wants to read it online. People work on computers all day long and could care less to go and read the newspaper online. Call me old fashion but I like to have the newspaper in hand and able to cut out pictures to save. All surrounding small towns get theirs twice a week. So have you changed to one time of week in the other towns that you cover as well? Coverage needs to improve. a story over a family that takes up two pages over their own families thoughts about their families isn't a story. That is laziness. Get out and cover some news! The Index has gone downhill and isn't worth reading. all the pictures of the sports have been taken by moms that submit them. Very disappointed in the paper. : (



This website has between 500-1,000 visitors daily. No one wants to read it online? Really?

No surrounding towns have newspapers publishing over once a week. The last to change to a weekly, before Childress that is, was Quanah. It has been decades since Paducah, Wellington, Memphis or Hollis have published more than once a week, if they ever did.

Laziness? Someone taking hours to write a heart-felt story on a good family is being lazy? I wonder if you'd have the same sour grapes if the story had been about your family?

The coverage is improving. And thank goodness there are people in Childress willing to submit photos, news, etc... They are community-oriented people helping to provide a service.

Submitted By: rx9000Submitted: 1/30/2011
You need to update the obituaries faster. This site does not stay up to date.

Submitted By: Update yourselfSubmitted: 1/26/2011

I am all about you guys going to one issue per week, but if you covered more stories around town I believe you could pull off two papers as you have been publishing over the last couple of years. I know that you have at least three employees(journalists) in your office that could dig around for some good small town stories or maybe a little investigative reporting instead of after the fact reporting that the majority of your readers already know about??? Also could you please update your online site. You have graduation of 2009 along with homecoming from 2009 and we are in 2011?? If you could make this site more current I believe you would have a lot more visitors.



You are right "Update". Time to get more and better coverage. The part of the site you mentioned has been updated.

Submitted By: smileSubmitted: 1/24/2011
Why is the Mayor not going to Austin for Rolling Plains Days? She was not at the chamber banquet. Where has our mayor been? Where is Judge Mayden? Is it time for a new judge and a new mayor?

Submitted By: moneySubmitted: 1/18/2011
Anybody running against Pigg? Who ever runs needs to be ready by the end of the year. I still don't know how we're going to pay for the new jail!! I'm ready to donate to who ever runs (against Mike Pigg).

Submitted By: jim smithSubmitted: 1/10/2011
This Is to the person or persons who continue to dump deer guts in the dumpsters behind my house in the 900 block of Ave. B Nw. In case you don't know, this is illegal. It has been going on for quite sometime. I reported It to a city worker last year & yesterday the P.D. came over & made a report. Please dispose of your kill properly. Besides being a health hazard, every cat In the neighborhood gets In there with no lids on the dumpster. Just curious If anyone else is having this problem. Chris, this is something you might want to check on. Thank You. Jim Smith

Submitted By: DonSubmitted: 12/28/2010
Looks like Jackie Taylor fit right in with the Republicans.

Submitted By: TEACHERSubmitted: 12/15/2010

Submitted By:  Submitted: 12/15/2010
Fenced out of our city park, are things really that bad around here? While you are driving around in the park (when it is legal) go by the beautiful Rock baseball Field and observe our state and national flag. Funny how we worry about vandalizing our city park but we don't even think about the one thing that symbolizes our nation and who so many fought for. Guess it goes to show why we have so many problems in this country.

Submitted By: A dose of common senseSubmitted: 11/24/2010
Treehugger, I'll agree that it's possible to "get behind" and/or "get stressed" at work but not TWO YEARS behind? And then NEVER CATCH UP? In a real world job she'd have been fired very quickly after her endless parade of "human" ineptitude. Any normal person with an ounce of work ethic would have put in a few extra hours (or days) if that's what it took, especially when you've been entrusted with the public's money. It's not like she was asked to be a rocket scientist. All she had to do was FILL OUT A DEPOSIT SLIP AND PUT THE MONEY IN THE BANK. And how do you know she didn't take any money? Where's the final report from the city? Or are they just going to sweep it under the rug and not report on how much of the PUBLIC'S MONEY was stuffed away in her Judge's desk? A continued concern should be the job she's doing at the County level. If she's too "stressed" or "busy" at the courthouse, how much of THAT money is being lost? She's not exactly proven herself to be a bright, shining star in the world of public trust and fiscal resonsibility. I'll agree that the city should fix that annoying spot in Ave E (and a few more). Great point on the condemned houses as well.

Submitted By: treehuggerSubmitted: 11/23/2010
It doesn't seem to matter if the city has money or not. Even if the city had the money from the fines, they still wouldn't fix the roads. They remove the bricks when they have water leaks and never replace them, like on Ave E NW. The city's main priority seems to be cutting down trees at the park and tearing down houses. They should be trying to do something like other cities do. The run down houses that taxes aren't being paid on in Amarillo and other cities, have in the past, been given to families with stipulations that repairs be made within a year. The back taxes are forgiven and the home is deeded over to the family. Then the home is back on the tax roll. So glad for the individuals involved in Augment Project. If not for them the city would have torn another house down. On the other subject Jackie Taylor at least the money was still there. She just had gotten too busy or stressed and didn't do her job. A lot of people can relate to that. Sometimes when you get behind at work the stress is just too much.It's just almost impossible to catch up. She didn't take the money so lets all give her a break. We're all human.....

Submitted By: JamesSubmitted: 11/22/2010
What you fail to understand, Mr. Timmons, is that even though the laws say they're supposed to, the police don't look at everyone the same and there is fear of retaliation from those in power that is why we have freedom of speech. You can say all you want about throwing bombs but that Jackie Taylor got fired for a reason and where there is smoke there is fire. What I want to know is how long did the city know about Jackie losing money and if it was a long time then why wasn't she dealt with before she lost more money and the police didn't have the equipment they need and the roads in the NE part of town still need pavement and could this have been paid for with the money she lost the city? I say yes it could have been done but there was a cover up. Yes we have a good community for the most part and my question to you is, we recently had a clean up day around the Rhoads Gym property and why didn't we see you working elbow to elbow with us down there, helping others and improving the community?

Submitted By: Casey TimmonsSubmitted: 11/19/2010
It's amazing that conceivably every single post on this site comes from people who feel certain enough in themself to hurl conjecture or assertions about other people, but fail to stamp their name behind it. Let me be the first to change that. The City Judge was fired, she took responsibility, and publicly apologized. That, it seems for now, has satisfied the city council and, unless or until anything else comes up, should be the end of it. I'm not making excuses or attempting to deflect criticism for the oversight. But, we have good people in elected positions in this city and county, and they have made the decision regarding the city judges' situation. And, unless those of you anonymous bomb-throwers are enlightened to information that the actual officials are not, then why not call them before you anonymously post ignorant tripe? Or, better yet, get a hobby and/or contribute something to the community other than anonymously beating a dead or down horse. In a 200 mile radius, there is no other town such as Childress. We have people who literally walk the walk and help and encourage others to do the same, whether it be hard work, fair dealing, benevolence, or friendship. I figure if those of you anonymous souls were to focus on these virtues and jump in with the rest of us, you'd reconsider your comments cause oftentimes the ones you're blasting are the same ones you'll be elbow-to-elbow with helping someone else. We have a truly great community and may God continue to bless us.

Submitted By: John GraySubmitted: 11/18/2010

Noticed the editors note below my comment said the CPD received funding for the cameras 2 months before the discovery of the undeposited funds, but the city council had twice previously warned Ms. Taylor that she better get her act together or they'd fire her, and this goes back to 2009. Just curious. Thanks.



Note: According to city officials, the camera purchase has nothing to do with revenue from collections on tickets.

Submitted By: WetdollarSubmitted: 11/18/2010
I feel sorry for Jackie Taylor. I think she’s the victim of a witch hunt. I heard all about the police finding all that money hidden in her desk but how can we trust that? I’ve also heard about her not showing up for work very much and her employees not letting people in to see her because she’s napping in her office but how can you trust that either? And now the county commissioners are picking on her again and requiring that she turn in her deposits every week. That’s not fair either. She should be given some lee way. Jackie was a single parent and there are lingering effects from that kind of stress. Jackie could be suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome. That would explain her work absences. I think we should all stand behind Jackie and tell her what a good job she’s doing.

Submitted By: RobSubmitted: 11/17/2010
I am saddened by reading about the dismissal of Jackie Taylor from the office of Municipal Judge. I am sure that our city council and city manager will be vigilant with a formal investigation to put a total number on the missing funds. To do otherwise would be irresponsible. This was public money and we need an accounting of exactly how much is missing. What also strikes me as sad is that our city seems to be constantly struggling financially. The paving of 12th street north of Avenue I went unpaved for months, plus other streets in town are in need of repair. Some dumpsters have the bottom rusted out. These are things that could have possibly been taken care of sooner, had Jackie Taylor not been so irresponsible with the public's money. I know the city manager, Bryan Tucker, and I hope he reads this page. I pray he's the kind of man I think he is and will not let up until there is a final tally on how much of the city's money went missing. There needs to be some accountability for this mess.

Submitted By: John GraySubmitted: 11/16/2010

Is it a coincidence that on one week Jackie Taylor is fired for misconduct and misappropriation of $150,000 in unprocessed City tickets and fines, then the next week our City cops FINALLY have functional cameras and recorders to document their activities. Could the citizens of Childress and officers been spared the expense and media scrutiny revolving around the Tabaris Brown shooting investigation, if they would've had this equipment then? Obviously, the money was collected before this tragedy, but was callously hidden in the JP's desk drawer! If so, who will hold her feet to the fire and when? The voters are demanding justice from our elected officials.


Note: The CPD received funds from the judicial district for the personal cameras two months before the discovery of the non-deposited funds.

Submitted By: Angry Citizen!Submitted: 11/16/2010
In response to Del Morgan, apparently you did not read my post very clearly otherwise you would have noticed that I did not say the money wasn't owed, but that it would have been common decency for someone at the city to call people and let them know that the checks were finally going to be cashed so that people (like you and I that live paycheck to paycheck) could prepare and make sure funds were available, especially at the end of the month. All I did was make a plea for people to be alerted. I am also assuming you did not take notice of the date I made my post. And yes I'm aware that checks can become stale and it's usually 90-180 days, not TWO YEARS later. The people (like me) that received tickets did the right thing and PAID them. The fault for this problem lies with the useless service from Jackie Taylor. I praise the city for removing her, because her failures have cost the city money. If it were up to me, she would have to pay back everything she made the city lose. Or at least return the salary she drew from the city taxpayers during the time she was doing nothing! Now if we could get rid of her as JP, the county could pay for the jail.

Submitted By: Concerned and AngrySubmitted: 11/16/2010
Apparently, I'm one of the $58,000 of ticket payments left in the JP's drawer, as an 8 month old $125 seatbelt ticket fine just cleared my bank. If you knew there was a problem, why wasn't the city professional enough to call those of us affected and give us a heads-up?! It's irritating that the JP wouldn't give me any kind of leniency so that she could take my money, but then lazily neglects to process it?! Then, she can just walk away as if nothing happened, after costing the city $100,000+ in unprocessed fines, and causing hundreds of taxpayers so much headache cause she was being paid for a job she wasn't doing, and as a steward of the taxpayers and fiduciary of the city?! Is SHE not going to have to pay, or is it just the taxpayers?!

Submitted By: Del MorganSubmitted: 11/15/2010

This is addressed to “Angry Citizen”, apparently you don’t read the Childress Index on a regular basis. If you did, you would have seen that they ran a front page story about the problems the city was having and that they remedied it by replacing the city judge. And on another note, once a check is written it is most likely going to be cashed. So, my question is simple. Did you have the money to cover the check when you wrote it? I know that some banks have a time period in which a check is considered as “stale”, and two years would probably fit that definition. I am like you “Angry Citizen” and live pay check to pay check, but unlike you, (apparently) once I write a check I don’t act like it won’t be cashed…even if it is two years later!


Note: Angry Citizen submitted complaint before the story ran.

Submitted By: JamesSubmitted: 11/15/2010
What I want to know is why the police chief has said we have a poverty police department but all the money isn't in the bank because of the judge? How many times could money have been put to recording equipment so the police can record what happens when there is a stop so people will know what really happened in some instances? How many lives can have been saved by the right equipment being in place? And now we find out that the money was taken but Jackie Taylor did not put it in the bank and that is why the police department doesn't have the right equipment? That is a crime and she needs to go to jail.

Submitted By: James DriverSubmitted: 10/31/2010
The Delbert Wilson Memorial Car Show was a wonderful tribute to the #1 car guy in this part of Texas. If you have not seen the video of Delbert please do. I sincerely hope the event can become an annual affair.

Submitted By: Angry Citizen!Submitted: 10/28/2010
I got a ticket in Childress over two years ago. I paid the ticket ($170) to the judge but the check was never cashed. Low and behold, TWO YEARS LATER the check goes through my bank NOW???!! I called my bank and they've received MANY OLD checks recently from the city, some YEARS old. I heard there was a drawer full of checks for fines and tickets that had been stashed and only recently found and NOW they're cashing them?? This is ridiculous. Who is in charge of this? Is it a city clerk or the city judge? This needs to be on the FRONT PAGE for citizens to be aware that a check they may have given for a fine YEARS ago may now go through their bank so they can prepare!!! Is the city court so inept or uncaring that they can't call and warn people that they're running checks YEARS after they were written?? I understand that the money is/was owed, but common sense and decency needed to be applied to this! Some people (me included) live paycheck to paycheck and an unexpected $170 hit on my bank account at the end of the month can be a crisis! Someone didn't do their job and whoever is responsible for this needs to be fired!! Please alert the public!

Submitted By: Lisa DarterSubmitted: 10/21/2010
Kuddos to the city for edging the walking path through Fair Park. It looks great. Thank you.

Submitted By: TonySubmitted: 10/12/2010
To Herold. I am the Executive Director for Stream Energy in the Childress area and can tell you that your information is incorrect about switching your service to Stream. If you have any questions, you can contact any of my under associates in Childress. They are not high pressure in my opinion. Thank You. Tony.

Submitted By: nanapaSubmitted: 10/5/2010
Just watched the video of the Bras for a Cause! Kudos to all the men that modeled the bras. I wasn't able to attend, but it seemed like lots of fun & money raised for a good cause. It took lots of guts for the men to do this. Just goes to show what a wonderful community we live in that people will step up to do things like this to help out. Gotta to love this town!!!

Submitted By: HeroldSubmitted: 10/4/2010
Lois, if you sign up with stream call the 800 number. Whatever you do, don’t sign up with one of the “sales partners” around here because they’ll never ever leave you alone! You’re required to go to their meetings and pay to become a member before you can switch over. It costs a lot more money that way. I couldn’t even leave the house without being accosted by one of their sales people pushing me to join. It’s not worth the hassle or extra cost in my opinion. Or you can go with a reputable power company and stay away from the high pressure salesmen. Good luck to you

Submitted By: the truthSubmitted: 10/4/2010
Childress is growing and has a huge opportunity with the FedEx expansion and some other things going on. No taxing entity, city, county, school, or hospital, is perfect, but we do have pretty competent people in place and in some cases, outstanding people. The point is - we're growing and positioned for future growth. Many of our problems stem from decisions made year ago. Current decisions made regarding the entities are hard to argue with.

Submitted By: jimSubmitted: 9/30/2010
you can call 1-866-447-8732 . That is stream energy customer service. They should be able to help you .

Submitted By: LoisSubmitted: 9/29/2010
I have a question and I hope some readers can help. I've been contacted several times by people saying they're selling electricity and work for a company named stream energy. I haven't heard of them and am always reading about scams on people my age. I want to make sure that it's not a fake or a scam. Thank you. Lois.

Submitted By: Kelsey TerrellSubmitted: 9/13/2010
Since moving here from out of state a few years ago I couldn't be happier with Childress. From what I have heard Childress has grown and has been improving for several years. Of course the past few years have been difficult in this economy, I think everyone is feeling it. As far as differences people have with the city and the county EVERY city has them. I come from a place with the worst type of corruption and I am glad we are not on that scale or even close. So the county might be broke, or the city but heck I am too! LOL Hopefully not the only one admitting that ;)But everyone makes mistakes or difficult decisions that turn out to be the wrong one because of bad timing, I mean we are human. :) I would like to say how much Childress has brightens my life, small communities of people are so kind and truely care about others. It is nice to be a part of that and rise my children within that kind of atmosphere. We LOVE Childress and the people in it. Now I do agree about needing more entertainment for adults, children, and families...

Submitted By: mark & nancy burkhartSubmitted: 9/11/2010
hi youall boy we miss childress an the people there we lived in childress for 2half yeares. an the best time i had we plan on comeing back to spend rest of my life there,the good lord bless us with great friends in childress best place to send kids to school we just love childress talk to you all soon, nancy & mark burkhart

Submitted By: Submitted: 9/6/2010
Most counties have disputes between city and county officals that is nothing new. Lot of talk about corruption on here about county officals. Where is the proof? Did we need a new jail, yes, but not that size. On the other hand what about that money pit called Stoney Ridge golf course the city keeps pouring money in. The 12th street project for repaving,good idea. What you don't know is that when they pave it, the golf course parking lot is going to be paved. What about the rest of the streets? Lot of talk about the sheriffs office. Take a look at the police dept. where you have to call to make complaint because if secretery is out they lock the doors even though they are there. The city park was vandalized over the summer with graffite and electric fixtures knocked down, where were the city police? City police talking on cell phones in patrol cars or personal vehicles while in school zone, against the law folks. If you are going to bash one dept. like the Sheriffs Office you might want to look at city officers also.

Submitted By: treehuggerSubmitted: 9/1/2010
I think the sherriff is doing a good job. If anyone can do better let them run. My only suggestion is for someone to get something for entertainment. People from surrounding towns would surely frequent a bowling alley, arcade or other family oriented entertainment place. We don't even have the movie theater anymore.

Submitted By: laughing....Submitted: 9/1/2010
at all of these comments. I'm glad you ppl take the time to worry about a jail and a sheriff. I'm tired of hearing so many negative things! I think Childress is a Great place to live! And I think the ones in office here are doing a good job. Look at South Texas and what they are dealing with down there and be thankful that all you have to "gripe" about is a new jail. Have a great day!!!

Submitted By: CHILDRESS COUNTY RESIDENTSubmitted: 8/31/2010
I am very sure every person who writes and states we didn't need a new jail, never was in the old jail. The jail was in terrible shape and was beyond minor repair. Jail Standards allowed the jail to stay open for one more year, because we told them we were building a new jail. Did we need a 94 bed jail, probably not at this time. However, in a few years, when this jail is paid for, we will be glad that our Sheriff had the foresight to request a larger jail. The jail is over half full at all times now and some times 3 quarters full. Most of the inmates are from surrounding counties, so they are paying a fee, to be housed here. We would not have room for all these inmates, in the old jail and we were paying other counties to house our inmates. Of course when this jail was planned, we did not know the economy would go in the bucket, but when things get back on track, we will have an adequate jail for our needs and will have it paid for. Sheriff Pigg, IS NOT CORRUPT! If you are so sure he is, then enlighten the rest of us about this corruption. At least his door is always open, and people can speak with him any time. I do not see that happening with the Chief of Police. Also, I would like you to show me, any Police Dept. and Sheriffs Dept. that gets along. There is always a rivalry between the Departments, wherever you are.

Submitted By: Pigg supporterSubmitted: 8/24/2010
Money if you know so much why aren't you the Sheriff,or even better yet why don't you run against Pigg? I know the answer to both questions, and you of all people are talking about corruption. I'm not going to get into details about your past, not yet, but to let you discredit the best sheriff this County has had in years is almost more than I can stand. Sheriff Pigg is a good and honest man, and we both know you are not. Oh,and feel free at anytime to tell the good people of Childress why you cant be Sherif ... that would be a good one.

Submitted By: Danny JohnsonSubmitted: 8/24/2010
Just now looked at this page for the first time in a while. It seems the decision was made to remove innocuous anecdotes by Antonio Hondo, in favor of unfounded and meritless slurs against our county officials by anonymous cowards? Nice trade. At least Antonio was funny and stories of grandeur didn't hurt anybody. I think you should employ the same standards of accuracy and facts upon these anonymous cowards, in their slander against a good man and sheriff. If you did, then at least he could publicly defend himself against a specific charge, rather than general claims of corruption. If you can't do that, then put Antonio back up, at least he was entertaining and provided us with something worth reading.

Submitted By: moneySubmitted: 8/23/2010
Well, I'm sorry if I offended you, "Del Morgan". The people will decide soon on who the Next Sheriff will be. I'm not a Pigg supporter, and i will do my best to fund the next canidate. When an elected official takes on a public job as Pigg has, people will say what on there mind, based upon there own perception of that elected official, so maybe this is a wakeup call to Pigg.

Submitted By: Del MorganSubmitted: 8/22/2010
Your right “Money” we do have freedom of speech and often times that freedom is misused. Freedom of speech, for instances doesn’t give anyone the right to make libelous comments or defame anyone. As I said show me the proof that Mike Pigg has ever retaliated against anyone and I will be the first one in line to call for an investigation. And I know you love the anonymity of this web page, it gives you a way to hide and say whatever you want without any consequences. Come out of the closet “Money” and the rest of you anonymous people, lets see who you really are!

Submitted By: MoneySubmitted: 8/22/2010
This web page gives anonymity to people who want to say whats on there mind without fear of retaliation, get over it. It's called freedom of speech. Mike Pigg will be voted out!! Like you said, if we need a change, VOTE them out, well that's the plan!

Submitted By: Del MorganSubmitted: 8/21/2010
I don’t know where to start so I guess at the beginning. Some of you posters are complete idiots! “Money” for instance. For one I doubt you know Mike Pigg, because if you did you’d know that he is an honorable man and one of the best people we could have as sheriff. If you truly know that the old jail was something that we could have kept, why didn’t you speak out then? As I remember there were several public meetings that you could have voiced your opinion at! You sound like a scorned lover. And as far as the un-named person, thinking that it was Sheriff Pigg who is submitting to this column, you should know better. As I recall, he writes a column and says his door is open for comment or complaints. It would seem that the ones complaining are too cowardly or scared to come forward since they don’t even use a made up name or even their real name. “Childress Tax-Payer” are you saying that just because a person is not from Childress that they are not worthy? Wake up!, the last time I checked there are not many people left who were born and raised in Childress. I have a real good feeling that you yourself are not even from Childress! And like has been said numerous times, if you really think any of our elected officials truly need to be replaced, VOTE THEM OUT, but make sure that’s what you really want, because the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence!

Submitted By: MoneySubmitted: 8/21/2010
I thank The Childress Index for providing a place that people can voice there concerns. I hope that elected officials will read these comments to better serve in there positions. Sometimes I think they forget who they work for. All to often some elected officials are in it for their own personal gain. We need strong leadership at all levels of out government.

Submitted By: MoneySubmitted: 8/20/2010
Yes, the people voted for the new jail, but did the Sheriff over sell it? I know for a fact that the old jail was doing just fine. Yes, it's nice having a new jail, but at what cost? The jail is not full like we were told. It takes more staff to fund this jail than in the past. I know Mike Pigg very well, he needs to be voted out!!

Submitted By: Carl HagemannSubmitted: 8/20/2010
In the first part of the year, the city tore up 12th st NW, and left it. I wrote before, and was told that the contractor wanted to wait till it got warmer and drier. Hot warm does it have to be before the contractor begins work? I pay city taxes, and expect streets to be REPAIRED, not turned from paved to dirt.

Submitted By: former residentSubmitted: 8/20/2010
WOW, yall all sound like pros at the blame game. Its like this if you dont like the situation, get off your computer, and get involed in the area's yall complain about.

Submitted By: The truthSubmitted: 8/20/2010
The truth is the jail was voted on by the residents of Childress County. If there is a "fault" here concerning the jail, it is that of the people. For those blasting Pigg, how about some proof? Without proof, there is no merit to the statements of corruption.

Submitted By: Submitted: 8/20/2010
From what I have been reading it seems like people are not upset with EVERYONE that works for the county. Whoever the person is that ending in "GET A LIFE!.." seems to be either sherriff pigg himself or someone who works for the county that feels guilty...

Submitted By: MoneySubmitted: 8/19/2010
I know there are a lot of good County People working for the County, but someone has got run against Mike Pigg and send him on his way, the new jail is costing big time. And let me say's going to keep costing. The economy is in Bad shape, and not going to get any better any time soon. The old jail was just fine, it met all standards set by the jail commission!

Submitted By:  Submitted: 8/19/2010
I work for the county, and pay taxes in Childress County as well. I have worked for the county in several different areas now for years, with several different wonderful people. These jobs are not easy, and the pay is not that great! All of us are committed to taking care of CHILDRESS COUNTY and none of us deserve to have our throats cut like all of these comments! All of us are human and everyone makes mistakes...but lets face it, we are doing the best that we can with what we have to work with!! Stop with with the bashing and get off your butts and do something about it!!! VOTE-CAMPAIGN-APPLY-or GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!

Submitted By: Childress Tax PayerSubmitted: 8/19/2010
Just because Sherriff PIGG is better than what we have HAD in the past in that position doesn’t mean he isn’t corrupt, he just isn’t AS corrupt or hasn’t gotten caught! Since when has our standards been so low that we will just accept problems without addressing them? To have the city and the county working together should be a standard and not just an opinion. I would like to see a name on the ballot of someone that has experience and good report with the Police Department and officers, the Fire Department and volunteers, and EMS and county employees. What actually would be great if we can find someone like that, BORN and RAISED in Childress, that already knows the community and the community already knows him. (which PIGG is not) To ‘Resident’, I absolutely agree with you about our city officers not getting nearly enough funding, but I don’t believe it is because they are remodeling. The money they are using toward the restoration of City Hall is NOT coming from the tax payer budget, it is a grant they have received and unfortunately because the police department is an addition to the building and not part of the original structure, the Police Department is not including in that grant money. I was thinking the same as you before actually finding that out. And just FYI, the Childress County tax rate is HIGHER than the City of Childress tax rate, now can you ask yourself WHY? And come up with a good answer other than PIGG. I doubt it.

Submitted By: childressmanSubmitted: 8/19/2010
Resident must have not read a paper or been down to the city hall in the last several months. Grants where obtained to remodel city hall and prisoners from the unit have been doing all the work. At no expense to the tax payers. The issue is NOT the city. Its the County officials who are sending us down sweet creek without a paddle! On another note, the new DA Luke Inman, is a good guy and I really like him. As a person. But this makes for the second big trial that hes dropped the ball on here in Childress. It really is a shame.

Submitted By: jeffSubmitted: 8/16/2010
Childress should put in a disc golf course. The city park looks so good, it would be a perfect place to install one. Plus it gives people something to do other than look for trouble. Heck even the old golf course would work.

Submitted By: The truthSubmitted: 8/15/2010
The truth is the city was nearly bankrupt before Mr. Tucker took the position and there was turnover on the City Council. The City has used grant money and in-kind labor to accomplish many goals and return the city to solvency. The truth is the county collects insurance money on buildings it "owns" and refuses to use the money to repair roofs. There is a lack of fiscal responsibility at the county level, no doubt, but it has much more to do with a lack of leadership than the new jail. Who is the County Judge anyhow? Anyone ever see him? Oh that's right - he's busy at law school while ignoring his constituents. Perhaps he thinks we'll elect him a higher office? That is laughable!

Submitted By: residentSubmitted: 8/15/2010
I'm wondering why everyone is so worried about the what the county is doing or not doing...what about the city? Our wonderful city Mgr spent how much of the tax payers dollars for remodeling yes I will admit that something needed to be done but at what cost? Out officers who have their lives on the line cant even get new cars ... they have to get new "old" cars. For the longest time the police dept didn't have a sign on the outside of the building. I think those throwing stones at the county need to stop and look into your own back yards......

Submitted By: MoneySubmitted: 8/15/2010
The problem is the County didn't need a new jail. The existing jail was very much suitable. Childress has not grown to the point of needing a new jail. It will cost for many years to come. The increased tax rate will affect all of us for years to come. The recession will be with us for a while. Sheriff Pigg is not the man that needs to be there, he needs to be voted out, and sent on his way!! The new Sheriff needs to clean house, top to bottom. I think we will have a new Sheriff come election. In fact, someone should recall the Sheriff now.

Submitted By: The truthSubmitted: 8/12/2010

The truth is the city and county must work together for the best interest of all residents. The detention center was a smart move when it was acted upon because our jail was out of compliance and there was huge demand for space. NO ONE anticipated the recession which forced cities and counties across the state and nation to release prisoners which ended the need for space and hurt the new facility. Let's not rewrite history... As far as the SO goes, if you don't think they do a good job, vote for change.

Is Mayden still the County Judge? No one ever sees him or hears from him so there could definitely be some improvement in that capacity. We don't need absentee elected officials!

Submitted By: ChildressmanSubmitted: 8/11/2010
This comment is in regards to all the previous ones about the Sheriff's office. First of all, "just employees" has to stand up for their office because they are obviously proud and BLIND. Second, the Sheriff's office does NOT dispatch for the fire dept nor EMS. They have their own dispatchers who they communicate with. The Sheriff's office answers the 911 calls and thats about it. I listen to my scanner all the time and know just how much of a jerk gillem is. Last but not least, Pigg and Mayden have spent so much of our tax dollars on a failed business venture (the detention center)that this county could not pay for a big trial (god forbid a murder trial) if they had too. They have once again raised taxes! Either sell the jail to a private company and go back to the courthouse, or replace the crooks in charge and elect people who actually know how to run it right!

Submitted By: just employeesSubmitted: 7/28/2010
AS someone who works for the Sheriff's Office, we do not appreciate people who do not really know most of the things they are talking about. All Offices have their problems and believe me the last ten years the Sheriff's Office has had theirs. Just to express from a couple of individuals view points who know what they are talking about (hey we work here) The Sheriff has done a very good job in trying to straighten up a mess, hasnt been easy, the things that we have gone through the last few years, Sheriff Pigg has done a fabulous job getting the department in order. but its the best its been in years. Some of the previous comments that were written have been written by someone who has no knowledge of how a Law Agency operates. We are proud to say we work for Sheriff Pigg and want to commend him for the job he is doing: his deputies, his staff, the whole place has changed alot the past few years and the curruption has been cleaned up. Everyone has a past and we can use it against them or see the changes they have made and believe that they are using their abilities in a very positive and productive manner. Take it from the ones who know...we are proud to be a part of the Sheriff;s Office

Submitted By: Childress COUNTY ResidentSubmitted: 7/27/2010
I cannot believe the comments made by "Childress Tax Payer, I too pay taxes in this County and I too am a dedicated resident. But I, appreciate our Sheriffs Department and Thank The Good Lord we have them. I do not know why anyone wants to slam the only law enforcement we have in Childress County. They do a great job and are quick to answer calls inside and outside the city, if they are needed. I think you have a personal grief with Chief Gillem, and for you to slam the whole department is ridiculous. Chief Gillem may not be your favorite person, but he is a good Deputy. Sheriff Pigg looks out for this County better than any Sheriff we have had in the past 20 or more years. The dispatchers work harder than you can possibly imagine. Getting calls continually all day long, trying to send City , County, Fire and Ambulances where they are needed. Granted we are not a big town, but we only have one dispatcher doing everything. Some of you think you know so much and you know so little. If you don't like something, help fix it, instead of griping about it. You have every right to complain about anything you wish, but your complaints about the S.O. are unfounded.

Submitted By: Childress Tax PayerSubmitted: 7/23/2010
I am a dedicated resident of Childress County, mostly I enjoy the folks that represent our city and county but on the flip side, I greatly dislike the rest. I am so disappointed with our Sheriff's department whom seem like they don’t even care. Last election of the Sheriff I was ready and more than WILLING to NOT vote for Sheriff PIGG (and I didn’t) , but no one ran against him. Please Childress, someone run against him, we NEED a change! I promise to work hard to campaign for a good replacement; we just need someone willing to step up. We need the corruption out of that department, I can think of some in particular that have shady pasts that DO NOT deserve the positions they have. We need someone that can bring the Sheriff’s Office to be willing to work with the Police Department and Fire Department. How it stands right now, the Sheriff wants to stand alone and that isn’t right. He needs to be thinking about the County and the City has a WHOLE! And for the previous post about 102 and his behavior on the radio, it is NO SUPRISE because the big jerk is Deputy Gillem, always has been and always will be. WE NEED CHANGE. NEW SHERIFF, NEW DEPUTIES, HONOR AND HONESTY.

Submitted By: RickSubmitted: 7/17/2010
I keep a scanner in my pick up for weather updates and I keep the police part blocked out. I can not stand to listen to the dispatchers on the police channel because it does not seem that they really know what to do on the radio. The last few days the sheriff’s office and police have for what ever reason, been on the fire departments channel. I was in my vehicle at the parade Saturday and was listening to the radio station announce the parade and the sheriff’s office was on the scanner doing traffic control on the highway. I felt embarrassed for the deputies the way who ever this 102 is, was talking to them on the radio when they were opening up the highway. I would hate to work for the sheriff’s office due to the lack of respect to the deputies from 102. If 102 does not realize the public can hear him maybe he will read this. I don’t know if the Sheriff was listening but I would hope if he did he would address it.

Submitted By: treehuggerSubmitted: 6/20/2010
It seems the city officials are good @ getting grants etc ,so I don't know why someone @ the city hasn't been able to get the park lake & scott lake restocked. After the storm in 08, lots of fish were killed. The kids don't really have anything to do after baseball is over except swimming. If the lakes were restocked it would provide enjoyment for many. The way it is now if you want to take you're kids fishing, you have to drive to greenbelt, quarts mountain or copperbreaks, are the closest. People used to travel from all over to fish @ the big bass lake... Baylor. But it dried up from farmers irrigating from it, just like Lelia lake did in the early 70's. And for some reason Lake Childress is now fenced off.

Submitted By: K.C. GonzalezSubmitted: 5/25/2010
if anybody has information or that can help us figure out with other details due to the vehilce that was stolen sunday night at the taylors that belongs to j gonzalez. plz dont hesitate to come and give us any information you know. thank you sincerely kc and j gonzalez

Submitted By: The truthSubmitted: 5/6/2010
The truth is there is massive corruption in both major political parties. Is Gov. Perry as corrupt as Pres. Obama? Is Obama as corrupt as Speaker Nancy Pelosi? What we need in this country are less sheep and more individual thinkers! Or, are we simply living in The Matrix!

Submitted By: Richard KingSubmitted: 5/6/2010
Rick Perry calls Obama a Socialist, and files a frivoulous lawsuit over healthcare reform which will be thrown out immediately by the courts, and dengrates Obama in every way possible so now the Federal Government sues Texas over failing to comply with the timliness for processing applications over the Food Stamp program, the Clean Air Act, Texas loses the 110 billion dollar program for a moon mission which was to be done in Houston and moves a 2.5 billion dollar plant that made army trucks from Sealy, Texas to Wisconsin. When they did that outrageous political redistricting in 2003 they got rid of Texas Democrats with over 100 years of congressional seniority. Now Perry's chickens have come home to roost. It just goes to show you what goes around comes around. All Texas can hope for is that he loses the election because he is the worst most corrupt Governor we have ever had because he has made millions on inside land deals while he has been Governor.

Submitted By: POOR HOSPITAL SERVICESubmitted: 5/5/2010

Submitted By: NE RESIDENTSubmitted: 5/5/2010

Submitted By: Tina BirdSubmitted: 5/1/2010
The Index sure has gone down hill. Not a single byline in the latest issue. I miss seeing original stories. When are we going to see some actual reporting and not just news releases???

Submitted By: Randy ButlerSubmitted: 3/26/2010
Anybody know why our water has smelled like a wet dog for the last three months ? ?

Submitted By: tree huggerSubmitted: 3/21/2010
If the city would spend more time filling all the potholes instead of going around chopping down all the trees on city property, we would'nt be falling in holes everytime we drive down the street.But after all, I guess there is money in the cedar logs from all those trees. Noticed the city chopped down all the cedar trees from the city bldg., that used to be the old hwy.dept on ave. b sw. Guess the City officials are just a bunch of tree haters!!!!

Submitted By: Deborah RozyckiSubmitted: 3/20/2010
I just dropped in to see what is going on in my hometown? I was born & raised in Childress and this forum is a great way to see what is happenming. Thanks for the comments!

Submitted By: New Stream of EnergySubmitted: 3/19/2010
I support the new stream of energy going through downtown with the Palace Theater. All of us businesses downtown should get involved with this effort.

Submitted By: danSubmitted: 3/17/2010
kevin overstreet running for sheriff already?

Submitted By: Kevin Submitted: 3/14/2010
We should question our elected officals Tony, people like our sheriff have an enormous amount of responsablity. Sheriff Pigg needs to keep us up to date on the cost of the jail and if we need to do anything else to minimize our cost, as tax payers. We are living in finanial difficult times. What is Mike Pigg and Jay Maden doing to save money for this county? I want to know.

Submitted By: Sirens After DarkSubmitted: 3/9/2010
As a matter of common courtesy and not scaring the pants off of people, the city should NOT test tornado sirens after dark.

Submitted By: FollowthemoneySubmitted: 3/5/2010
What did the new jail cost, and what is it costing today?

Submitted By: The truthSubmitted: 3/2/2010
The problem with society is a lack of responsible fathers. 50 percent of the men out there are little more than sperm donors and it is a cycle going on 3 generations. Pitiful!

Submitted By: Cody CookSubmitted: 2/25/2010
It's o.k. CHS basketball, keep working hard and believe in what your coach is teaching you and it won't matter what offfense or defense you run, you WILL be competitive in district.

Submitted By: RadioHeadSubmitted: 2/23/2010
Hey just wanted to give Jay, Jim , & the KCTX family some kudos for the new radio station here in Childress. The Cat 92.1, is a great addition to local airwaves in the area. The song selection is great, I really enjoy listening to music that I am familiar with and can even "try" to sing along. I look forward to hearing all the local youth programs that will get recognized over the air in the months to come. Good luck and my dial will be tuned to 92.1

Submitted By: Big MikeSubmitted: 2/3/2010
Seems our basketball teams aren't competitive anymore. We just can't compete in district. Maybe we should consider going back to last year's offense and defense that the boys were running, because this one just isn't working.

Submitted By: Submitted: 2/2/2010
This ice storm was an Act of God---I am VERY grateful for the men and women who get out in it to restore our utilities. IT is NO ONE's fault and are you kidding me? Have you been under a rock and do not understand the problem with the water??? Even the national news knows about it! It has nothing to do with your water bill! Duh---just boil it and be thankful for what you have instead of always looking for some "racist" out! No-AEP nor anyone else picks and chooses where they work!

Submitted By: Submitted: 2/2/2010
Northeast Resident, We live in the NW part of town and we were out of electicity until Saturday night. I have no complaints though. I'm just grateful for them getting the power back on.

Submitted By: AppreciativeSubmitted: 2/2/2010
Kudos to you Grateful!!!!

Submitted By: GratefulSubmitted: 2/1/2010
Kudos to the people who work for AEP and SPEC. These guys have been working around the clock since Thursday to restore power back to their customers. Believe me, Northeast Resident, if you knew how hard their job was you would keep your ungrateful mouth shut.

Submitted By: Northeast ResidentSubmitted: 1/29/2010
I have 2 complaints. 1. Why is it that the northeast part of town is ALWAYS the last to get their power restored?! The NW, SE, SW all had power several hours before the NE. Anyone have any input? I would appreciate it. 2. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WATER!!! I GAG EVERYTIME I TURN MY FAUCET ON!! WITH THE PRICE OF OUR WATER BILLS I EXPECT BETTER SERVICE!

Submitted By: Stan TempletonSubmitted: 1/8/2010
I attended Wilson Elementary school in 1957-58 before moving with my family to Oklahoma. I graduated from high school in 1969. I remember classmates by the name of Rebecca Cooper and Vicky Morgan. Rebecca and I were the bride and groom in the Tom Thumb wedding during the Wilson Halloween Program in 1957 (1st Grade). I remember how great and progressive Childress seemed to me during those days. We lived on NW Ave. K and Gary Compton was my neighbor. We would bicycle all over town in those days without a care in the world. We had the Barnum and Bailey Circus and Elvis Presley even came to town riding on a fire truck sometime in 1954 or 55. My question is, does anyone remember the actual date Elvis came to town? I enjoy looking at the Index from time to time even though I don't know the names in the paper. Childress still brings warm memories to my heart.

Submitted By: Respecting the flagSubmitted: 1/8/2010
As for Rick's comment about the playing of our National Anthem and the actions of those present. It has always disturbed me how disrespectful people are today, not only our kids but adults as well. I have and always will use those precious moments during the National Anthem to think about the opportunities I have in my life. It is because of that flag I am looking at and what sacrifices men and women now and in the past have given to preserve it. I have never put my hand over my heart while the Anthem is being played because I have never been in the military, but I have always stood straight, still and with my hands behind my back and show respect for our flag and our Country as a whole. BUT>>> after reading Rick's post I did some research that I thought I would share about the ettiquite and behavior during the playing of our Nation's Song. This is from Cornell University U.S. Code collections TITLE 36 > Subtitle I > Part A > CHAPTER 3 > § 301 § 301. National anthem (a) Designation.— The composition consisting of the words and music known as the Star-Spangled Banner is the national anthem. (b) Conduct During Playing.— During a rendition of the national anthem— (1) when the flag is displayed— (A) all present except those in uniform should stand at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart; (B) men not in uniform should remove their headdress with their right hand and hold the headdress at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart; and (C) individuals in uniform should give the military salute at the first note of the anthem and maintain that position until the last note; and (2) when the flag is not displayed, all present should face toward the music and act in the same manner they would if the flag were displayed.

Submitted By: RickSubmitted: 1/6/2010
Last night at the Childress basketball gym I saw something very disturbing. Just before the girl’s varsity game the National Anthem played and everyone from the Wellington side and all but one person form the Childress side that I could see had their right hands across their hearts as it was played. This one person was not in the stands but on the court and is supposed to be a leader and coach. Yes the Childress coach. He stood there with his hands to his side and then moved them behind his back while it played. To me he disrespected what America stands for and he disrespected veterans and former students of his that have chosen to serve and protect this country. I would like to respond to Mr. Hageman post on the baseball fields. Yes the girl’s softball players have had better seasons the last couple of years than the boy’s baseball. They are awesome and I can’t wait for this year but the baseball players did several fund raisers last year to help pay for most of the remodeling of the high school field. The rest came from the booster and from the school. Coach Botos is in his second year and it is unbelievable what you can do when you get coaches who are motivated to coach that sport. The last three years, the girls softball coaches have been there as a fill in coach or a substitute. They all have other specialties other than softball. Coach Wartes is hopefully going to change that and but also the appearance of the field and program as a whole.

Submitted By: Carl HagemannSubmitted: 12/25/2009
2 issues here. 1) It is wonderful that Rock field is getting an update, but why also the boys baseball field? They haven't been in the running in quite a few years, but the girls Softball team has been in the running the last three years. Shouldn't THEY be the ones getting the field update? 2) 12th Street needed work, yes, but I hope that the city is not done. From pavement to a dirt road? Seems we are going backwards in city services now.

Submitted By: Caren HaleSubmitted: 12/23/2009
Carla at McDonald's is the BEST! Always pleasant and ALWAYS a smile! A true pleasure to visit McDonald's when she is at the drive thru.

Submitted By: Bobbie JensenSubmitted: 12/8/2009
We were traveling to Colorado for Thanksgiving when we stopped at your local McDonald's restaurant for some lunch. We were almost in Amarillo when I discovered that I had left my purse at that Mc Donalds'! Panic gripped me, but I called the store and was so happy to find that they had my purse safely in the office. The employee who "rescued" it was a sweet young woman named Carla and I also spoke with a young man named Willie, who assured me it would be in the office for me when I arrived back in Childress...about 110 miles in the wrong direction! Though I offered a reward they assured me they were all only doing their job by taking care of their customers and that it was company policy not to accept reward money. I cannot adequately express the appreciation I have for the honest, upstanding folks you have working at your local McDonald's and I hope if you visit you will tell them again how the lady from Fort Worth on her way to Colorado is still enjoying the good fortune of meeting them. We make that trip fairly often and we WILL be back! Thank you and Merry Christmas to all! Bobbie & Dan Jensen

Submitted By: Mr. BrownSubmitted: 11/23/2009

Death of Tabaris, how are you not able to know if a weapon is pointed at you or just in possesion? My one question is, that did he point a gun at those police officers? If not why would it take two people to fatally shoot? There are other ways to restrain a person before you shoot.

Submitted By: sara moore (hunt)Submitted: 11/10/2009
i live there when i was lil kid and i would like to get in contact with some family i still have there his first name is randy he is a very christian man he rides a motorcycle he is my moms 2nd cousin (janet west) and sadley i cant remember his last name if anyone can help please contact me

Submitted By: Aphrus TraversSubmitted: 10/24/2009
I love this new layout. I can't wait to move back in a few months, sooner if a job presents itself. Keep an eye out for me....Aphrus

Submitted By: RickSubmitted: 9/8/2009
I find it funny how Childress County is broke and Jay Mayden and Mike Pigg do not want to accept any responsibility. Mayden has said in recent meetings that he did not want to talk about it and that it was in the past. Well as tax payers we would like to know why the 98 bed jail was needed and the 2-3 dollar and hour raises given to the sheriff’s office back in October and now the county is broke. If I was Sheriff I would be embarrassed to put the arrests that he puts in the paper. Almost all the arrests he is showing are the jailers or the deputies going to other counties and picking up people that other agencies have arrested on Childress warrants. But I guess if staff does absolutely nothing, you have to put something in the paper.

Submitted By: JohnSubmitted: 8/13/2009
Within the past month or so, it seems as if the county and sheriff are doing very little for us as a whole. I've been keeping up to date on what seems to be a growing problem with the new jail, where our money is actually going, and what benefits the residence of Childress County are? In the article 'Childress County issues spending freeze', it quotes Jay Maden as well as Mike Pigg. They talk about having income to pay necessary bills, and paying their employees. What was not mentioned was the termination of one of their deputies and jailers as well as possible further 'layoffs' within the county. I also have read on what major debt the sheriff has put us in. I noticed one of those sheriffs trucks have a new thin light bar, what did that cost us other than another unnecessary expense! This is our money he has spent or is spending, and what do we get out of it? Oh wait, I know... Higher taxes I have to pay on my house. At least a few times a week I would see a sheriffs car patrol around the area of my residence which is located outside of town in the country, now not only have I not seen a sheriff's vehicle one time in the past weeks, I pick up the newspaper and find out I have to pay, literally, for our sheriffs mistakes. Thanks a lot PIGG, for what I see, is not much. When I start feeling like a valued homeowner, tax payer, and resident of Childress County maybe my opinions will change, until then, be sure to expect me and my wife at both upcoming meetings against this tax hike!

Submitted By: Randy WestSubmitted: 7/28/2009
Great website thanks for posting the city council meeting to your website.

Submitted By: Helen Barley-BarosSubmitted: 6/5/2009
I subscribed to the Index for years and contribute articles to the community through Irma Custer - One important item is the "Obituaries" - my friends are passing on and when I do not hear from them - I check the index. Now I find I have to pay (online) for the privilege of looking at the obituaries- I believe this is wrong. I will be 88 years old in October

Submitted By: Submitted: 5/12/2009


Actually - None of the three would have been arrested had the armed robberies not occurred therefore, the arrests did stem from the robberies.

-The Childress Index

Submitted By: John WalkerSubmitted: 5/4/2009
Greetings Childress! I was only there for 8-months or so until my employer went belly-up, but enjoyed the people and the geography. Folks like Charlie Johnston, Mildred Steed, Burl Bumpas and others made a short stay extremely pleasant.

Submitted By: Quentin van der PanSubmitted: 3/31/2009
Dear editors, I just love this layout. I would say: Finally! I've been searching for news from Childress ever since I left town (19 years ago). Even though I only lived in Childress for a year as a foreign exchange student, I'm still interested in the local news. Keep this up! Greetings from Apeldoorn, The Netherlands.

Submitted By: Jerry MontgomerySubmitted: 3/29/2009
I like this format. I don't get to town every Tuesday or Friday to get a newspaper. Nor do I get a chance to read The Index each publication date--hard copy or online. But this is easy to read because, for those of us with slower internet connections, we get the whole page instead of having to select an article and wait for each to load. I can select the article I want to read from the entire page. I can also get U.S. and World news right on this site. More like reading a hard copy. Good job.

Submitted By: Dawn Dobbs AulgurSubmitted: 3/22/2009
This is what I've been waiting for. Excellent job!

Submitted By: roger delacruzSubmitted: 3/12/2009
cool, your new website is very informative. I will be checking in more often!

Submitted By: Cheryl McRaeSubmitted: 3/10/2009
I love your website. It is so easy to navigate and I love that I can actually see the paper and read each page. It's great and helps me keep up with what's going on in Childress. We've been away from Childress for 10 years now, and it's nice to be able to keep up. Thank

Submitted By: John BowmanSubmitted: 3/4/2009
Your updated web site is great. Thanks, John


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